★★★ New Album "Starting Something" OUT NOW ★★★

UK Blues Awards Nominee 2020

NEW Album★★★ New Album "Starting Something" OUT NOW ★★★

What people have to say...

"Wonderful stuff...Great man, great voice, great everything!"
Doug Welch
BBC Radio Kent
"Dave is fully aware that people come out not just to listen, but to have a good time. And a good time they had!"
Richard Dunning
Tuesday Night Music Club
"acoustic bluesman with a positive flair and grasp of the tradition"
Iain Patience


Review from Minor 7th Magazine on “Starting Something” Album

Dave Ferra inhabits that magically comfortable niche located somewhere between heartache and a wry smile.  In this, and in other tracks, Ferra’s vocals carry convey an easy earnestness. He’s so clear and unaffected, he can’t help but be telling the truth about his – and more universally, our – missteps in matters of the heart.  His instrumental tracks pay homage to blues royalty – rolling fingerstylish nod to Mississippi John Hurt,  the fierce acoustic power of the Rev. Gary Davis. It’s fortunate that Ferra includes these instrumentals, as his acoustic guitar chops can take a back seat to his vocals as our ears focus on the tune and the tale. Throughout this collection, one gets the impression that Ferra would be a fun guy to see in concert – or to share a pint with.  Ferra’s compositions suggest that resilience and a sense of humor can perhaps get us all through just about anything. And who are we to argue with that? This album may be the model elixir we require as we emerge – much like cicada Brood X singing their plaintive songs of love – from the pandemic. – Fred Kraus